ISTDP International: the platform for ISTDP Professionals

Because of the existing variations in which ISTDP is administered in various countries and regions  some teachers/supervisors and therapists from the Netherlands and abroad had the idea to start this website. In cooperation with the Netherlands Foundation of ISTDP we aim to enhance the quality of ISTDP and of ISTDP therapists. As said before this website offers a meeting place for therapists, who could exchange their ISTDP therapy ideas, pitfalls, experiences, questions.

If you are working in the health care sector as a psychotherapist, health care psychologist, psychiatrist, marital family therapist you can subscribe to become a participant on this platform. You can fill in the application form, your application form will be received and evaluated by our staff and if you fulfill the professional criteria you will receive a confirmation and you may consider yourself a participating member on this platform. For 2020 the Subscription fees are for a Basic membership € 100,- per year, for the Core Membership  € 200,- per year.

Basic Membership € 100,- includes; subscription to the Ad Hoc, Registry (the list of accredited psychotherapists), Access to the Forum for members, Access to News and Support (Payed Consultations).
Core Membership  € 200,-includes; besides all features of the basic Membership;  free access to the archives of the Ad Hoc, one free consultation with one of our experts (use of Skype facility) per year.

Purpose of the membership

Membership allows you to participate in the group of therapists and their exchange on this platform. Members can discuss with each other, exchange their ideas and opinions and ask questions or seek advice. Members can also participate in a procedure to renew their registration. In order to renew registration (after 5 years) the therapist may ask the Secretariaat of the Netherlands ( Foundation to email him the re-accreditation form. The criteria for re-accreditation are;

1. Working in the mental health care for minimal 15 hrs. per week, during 5 years
2. Practicing ISTDP therapy minimal 6 hrs. per week, during 5 years
3. Participation in a Intervision group minimal 5 times per year, 2 hrs each session
4. Presenting 10 times per year ones own video material of patients

ADDITIONAL, collecting minimal 20 points in 5 years.
1. Supervision of patients, 1 point for each supervision
2. Continuous Education on ISTDP (workshop, conference, immersion course, symposia, summer school, masterclasses) 6 points per       day
3. Publication of an article on ISTDP, 10 points
4. Presentation of a workshop, lecture, educational course on a national or international conferences 5 points per part of a day

In order to renew registration one has to pay for the administration cost.

(in case of re-accreditation ask the secretary for the re-accreditation form, all criteria must be fulfilled and proven with relevant documentation, for example a logbook of inter-vision sessions)

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