The Netherlands Foundation of ISTDP

The Netherlands Foundation of ISTDP was founded in 1992 to enhance the quality of ISTDP and its therapists.

The Netherlands Foundation of ISTDP organizes core group trainings, advanced trainings, theoretical/technical courses, workshops, Summer Schools, masterclasses, teacher and supervisor courses. These educational programs are open to psychotherapists, clinical psychologists, mental health care psychologists, psychiatrists, medical doctors, marital family therapists, working in the mental health care sector

Next tot hat the Foundation is the publisher of an international journal for ISTDP colleagues, working in the mental health care sector. The journal is called Ad Hoc Bulletin of Short Term Dynamic Psychotherapy : Practice and Theory

On this website you find a list of ISTDP therapists, ISTDP trainers,teachers, supervisors. These are national and international colleagues, who are accredited by us

Our Dutch trainers, teachers and supervisors also take care of educational and continuous educational ISTDP programs in other countries. We ourselves regularly invite international colleague-trainers/teachers/supervisors to take par tat our educational and continuous educational programs

Educational programs

  • a basic ISTDP education, called core group training
  • an education to become ISTDP trainer/teacher/supervisor
  • advanced training for therapists
  • these courses can lead to accredited ISTDP therapist, trainer, teacher and/or supervisor)
  • continuous education programs (theoretic al/technical courses, workshops, seminars, masterclasses, summer schools, conferences, advanced training)

The Netherlands Foundation of ISTDP has a register of ISTDP therapists, teachers and supervisors, which are accredited by the Foundation. Each five years accreditation has to be renewed.

Upon request we can take care of individual and/or group supervision. The specific setting and frequency is discussed with the supervisor.

Board of the Netherlands Foundation of ISTDP

C.L.M. Cornelissen, SocD          Chair

J. ten Have-de Labije, PsyD       Education

W. van der Vlist,Psy D               Secretary

W. v. Lieshout, PsyD                  Treasurer

Boardmember;                           vacancy

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