Training and Education

Educational programs for therapists : the core group training

Core group trainings are organized by the Netherlands Foundation of ISTDP. Duration oft he core group training : three years. A facultatory 4th year is possible. Per year there are 4 blocks of 2 or 3 days (depending on the group size). Mostly these blocks are on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday

During these two or three days there is discussion of the theory and supervision of the therapy sessions the supervisees had with their clients. The material to be supervised is audio-visually (digital video)presented by the supervisee. There are observation exercises and role play. Sometimes trainers are assisted by colleagues who are in training to become teacher and/or supervisor.

Theory that has to be studied

Mastering Intensive Short Term Dynamic Psychotherapy : a Roadmap tot he Unconscious

Authors Josette ten Have – de Labije and Robert J. Neborsky. Karnac 2012 ISBN -13: 978-1-85575-821-6

Group size : minimal N = 4, Maximal N = 12

Peer intervision

The core group participants are  expected to have once per fortnight  peer intervision . During these intervisions they can witness each others tapes and discuss them. Also this is a possibility to deepen theoretical understanding, discuss theory and to exercise some techniques via role play.


ISTDP Teachers and Supervisors

CLM Cornelissen, SocD, Antwerp, Belgium, teacher and supervisor the Netherlands Foundation of ISTDP and the IEDTA

J. ten Have-de Labije, PsyD, Berlin, Germany, teacher and supervisor the Netherlands Foundation of ISTDP, and the IEDTA


Guest trainers

For each core training we will invite guest trainers, in the past we invited e.g.;

Ross Crowther-Green, MSc, UK, teacher  and supervisor ISTDP-UK, IEDTA

Robert J, Neborsky, MD, Del Mar, USA, teacher and supervisor The California Society of ISTDP, IEDTA

Mark J. Stein, PhD, UK, teacher and supervisor ISTDP-UK, IEDTA

The Core Group Training: Program

Year 1

The first year oft he core group training can be considered as a condensed combination of theory, techniques, supervision. Core group participants have their sessions to be supervised audio visually (video) recorded .

Supervisors want to see of each session to be supervised:

  • the very first 5 minutes oft he session
  • 15 – 20 minutes oft he part oft he therapy process where the supervisee wants help.
  • These 15-20 minutes have to be subtitled in English or the supervisee must give the supervisor plus other core group members a transcribed verbatim in the English language. In case the core group consists of only Dutch colleagues, English translation is superfluous

Block 1

The first block of 2 or 3 days consists of

  1. an introduction of theory and method of ISTDP
  2. an introduction of working in the triangles of persons and conflict
  3. an introduction of restructuring the patients ego adaptive capacity
  4. supervision of the supervisees material
  5. evaluation of block 1

In-between block 1 and block 2

Core group members are expected to exercise and to work with what had been discussed in the prior block. They are also supposed to have peer intervision once per two weeks (via Skype or in vivo)

Block 2

The second block of 2 or 3 days consists of

  1. an introduction of the theory of superego pathology
  2. assessment of anxiety and anxiety management (role play)
  3. supervision
  4. evaluation of block 2

In-between block 2 and 3

See above under in-between block 1 and 2

Block 3

The third block of 2 or 3 days consists of

  1. working in the triangles of persons and conflict
  2. working with anxiety management
  3. supervision
  4. evaluation of block 3

In-between block 3 and 4

See above under in-between block 1 and 2

If in this period a Summer school, conference or workshop has been organized the core group members are expected to participate at those events

Block 4

The fourth block of 2 or 3 days consists of

  1. supervision
  2. role play on the basis oft he supervised material
  3. evaluation of block 4
  4. evaluation of year 1
  5. assessment of specific needs re theory and techniques for the next year

Year 2 and 3

Depending on the evaluation oft he prior year extra attention will be given to theory and techniques regarding

  1. regulation of anxiety, anxiety management, restructuring of ego adaptive capacity, assessment of superego pathology, assessment of front-door and cellar-door defenses, technique of confrontation/identification/clarification, techniques of challenging and HOC
  2. supervision
  3. role-play
  4. evaluation

At the end of each core group year, or during each core group year each core group participant will give a presentation on ISTDP theory and/or techniques

Cost : 600,- – 700,- euro per person per block

Facultatory year 4

The facultatory 4th year can be considered as a possibility to deepen and consolidate understanding of ISTDP theory and techniques and to work with greater precision during moment to moment assessments

Location of core group trainings

Bergen op Zoom (the Netherlands) and Berlin (Germany). It is possible to discuss other locations.

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